A brief Analysis of Online Examinations

The use of internet in education is almost ubiquitous in school and college education system with online assignments, course websites, and presentation software and so on. Online examinations are already part of many entrance exams and job recruitment process. However, online examinations are to be utilized extensively in colleges and schools.

The utilization of online examinations can help instructors to fulfill many pedagogical objectives like student assessment, immediate feedback for students, avoiding malpractices in exams and much more.

Here are some of the key points related to theanalysis of online school examinations in comparison to traditional pen-paper exams.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Online exams can be conducted from anywhere. What all a student needs is a good computer with good speed internet. For some online exams, student need not travel to theexam hall. Many students can take exams at the same time from their own places of comfort.For such type of online exams, examiners need not bother about seating arrangements for exam takers also.

Also, theexam can be given in multiple languages easily. The results can be announced immediately to the students. Exams can be conducted anytime.


The confidentiality is very important for any exam to preserve its value. Examination paper should be kept securely. Leakage of question paper may hurt the feelings of students. Such things can be avoided in online examinations.

Saves time and money

Conducting and attending online exam saves a lot of time to both examiner and student. It also saves lot of money in the form of paper, printing etc.,

Statistical analysis

Outcomes of various online exams and results of students can be compared and analyzed easily. Various comparative analyses can be conducted and reports can be generated.

In spite of many positive features, online examinations are not still extensively used because of the following reasons:

  • Hardware requirements like computers, tabs etc., for exams
  • Software requirements to conduct exams
  • Various logistical requirements like time and space.

Bottom line

Conducting online exams effectively requires ahigh commitment of staff, time and energy of administration. Space and time are the two major constraints that are slowing and inhibiting the adoption of online exams in schools and colleges.

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