Help Your Kids Ace Their Exams Through These Top Tips

Does your kid need help with their exams like the SAPS? Know that tests are just one method used by educators to gauge what their students know so far. Through the taking of these examinations, students can learn from their mistakes, improve solid study skills, and understand how to handle unknown and surprising classroom scenarios (like pop quizzes).

Your child might be a whizz in school, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t require assistance from the people that they love and trust the most – their parents. Your child might need help in some areas of their schoolwork, which is where you can come into the scene. Here are some ways to help your children ace their exams.

Talking to the Teacher

The communication between parent and teacher isn’t just riddled with issues and concerns about the child’s study habits. Most of the time, educators will have study guides for the test, and these aren’t just cheat sheets. Instead, the guide will outline the format of the teacher’s lesson plan and what may or may not be included in the upcoming examination. You can even ask about specific things that your child might need in preparation for the next batch of tests. Keep in mind that your child is at school for most parts of the day, which means that the educator will know any weak spots in their learning capabilities.

Give Them Study Breaks

As a working adult, you already know the importance of taking breaks. Putting your all to finishing a project before its deadline might be good, but it certainly won’t do your productivity any better. In other words, you might finish the previous task, but you’re going to be too exhausted (in both mind and body) to continue on with the next undertaking. If you’ve noticed that your child is starting to kiss their notes and books, then it’s a good time for you to intervene. Tell them to take a 15-minute break by getting some fresh air (don’t let them watch TV or play video games). Once they return to their studies, they’ll have a refreshed mind with a better concentration to keep up with their learning.

Talk to Your Child

Nothing matters most than a parent’s guidance when a child is troubled. When your son or daughter is clearly having trouble with a specific portion of their studies, don’t be afraid or too stubborn to lend a helping hand. Your kid needs to know that you’re always there when they need you. You can even chat with them to talk about test-taking tactics. For example, you can teach your child that they should take a few minutes to scan all the questions on the examination for a few minutes before they begin writing down their answers. If they’re going to take a multiple choice exam wherein they have to shade letters, advise your kid to place a small dot first on their primary choice if they’re unsure of their answers. In doing so, they won’t commit to doing a ton of erasing during the later parts of the examination.

Never underestimate the power of a parent’s love and care for their child, and these traits should become very apparent during your son or daughter’s examination week. If you’re a saps ibu bapa or a SAPS parent, then you can even check your child’s educational progress to help your kid become better than before.


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