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Types of pillows or cushions available in market

Meditation pillows or cushions often makes one easier rather than to sit on the hard floor. Thus many types of pillow are available in market from ancient traditional to the fashionable ones. According to the information, there are four types of pillows present. They are:

Meditation pillows online

  1. V-Shaped cushions: These cushions in V shape promote the comfort to the legs when in a cross-legged sitting posture. The cushions are generally filled up with buckwheat hulls or cotton which makes it softer. They have a zipper in which one can adjust the fillings according to their positions. They are almost available in all leading online sites as well as the stores at the best and flexible prices.
  2. Zabuton pillow: This pillow is considered to the ancient ones used by Japanese for sitting. It is generally rectangular or square in shape, thick in size and can be used in chairs. It especially helps in providing comfort to legs when the position is cross-legged or even kneeling. It helps to increase the meditation time by letting comfort to the whole body. Zabuton pillows are affordable and are available in all online sites and yoga stores.
  3. Zafu pillows: Zafu pillows are traditionally round in shape and have thick size when filled with cotton. This pillow helps to raise the hips and straighten the spine when sat for long hours in cross legged sitting posture. They are available in wide ranges in market with different colors, shapes and size at beat prices.
  4. Zen pillows: The Zen pillows are mostly used in yoga poses and gives a great comfort. It is generally available with different materials filled into it. They are easy to handle and can be used for many years. It especially provides comfort to the pelvis when sitting for meditation.

Importance of Meditation pillow:

As human body is flexible, it needs supports when sitting for long hours while meditating. The hard floor may make your spine bent and causes pain. To avoid this cushions placed under the hips keeps the spine straight and reduces stress on it. Thus by meditating more hours with those pillows in any posture helps in blood flow increase and gives a strong relaxation to the mind.

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