Points to consider in buying a play pen

In the present busy life, spending the whole time with the baby is difficult. The babies need extra attention when they start to crawl as they may reach to danger places in the house. Play pens are really a useful thing for such parents. Play pens are the safe place provided for the baby to play or sleep and the parents can make use of the time in their activities. The traditional play pens are made of wood and later developed with plastic, fiber and also different designs and models are available. The details can be obtained from the websites like http://topreviews24x7.com/best-playpens/.

The play pens can be used from the age of six months usually when they start to crawl to up to 2 years. These are available in various sizes and shapes. Some come with multi colors and designs which makes the babies to attractive. There are many websites http://topreviews24x7.com/best-playpens/ which not only gives the information, but also details different play pens brands, their special features, costs etc details which makes the parents to choose the right one for their kid.

The play pens are not only meant for the safety, but also look good, sturdy and easy to fold and even carry while travelling.  Play pens are flexible and can be used for other purposes like fencing the TV, fire areas to prevent the child from going these areas. There are several factors to be considered when you are buying the play pen for your kid.

  1. Buying a play pen depends on the usage like how often you are going to use, whether used for weekend travels, the period of the usage etc.
  2. The design and circumstances of your house also decides the type of the play pen to be bought.
  3. Check for the safety certifications marks like JPMA.
  4. Care has to taken in buying a play pen that it should not have any sharp edges that can harm your baby.
  5. If the side walls are mesh type, make sure that the size is much larger that the fingers and other play objects can trap into it. Also avoid buying, the crisscross shaped or diamond shaped mesh, as the baby’s head may stuck into it.

Play pens are the safe place for the child to play and sleep, it is advisable to have an eye on the kids even they are in the play pen.

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