Reasons to Choose OPTIMA 2

 For most companies who want to upgrade their flexographic press machines, it usually a dilemma whether to give it a go or not. The cost and the waiting time of the upgrade are usually what the business owners take into consideration. When you are doing an upgrade with your printing press, it usually takes a year. Meaning, their return of investment is zero and most manufacturers and printers don’t have this kind of flexibility.

Soma Engineering with Plastic Machinery and Parts has produced Optima 2 which is the solution to these problems. The reduced wait time and cost lies on the design and function on the Optima 2 itself. The press was specifically designed to enhance flexo-printing capabilities while reducing the amount of labor, materials and inks, power, operational space as well as the total production time.

The Optima 2.

            Nothing compares to the Optima 2. This equipment is designed to help manufacturers solve their problems with the printing press. It is powerful enough to replace older pieces of equipment. It is simpler than other equipment which can accommodate printing goals while reducing the amount of labor, overhead, waste, production space including other factors that can delay manufacturers.

Operator Comfort.

With any equipment that you buy, it is best that you consider that comfort of your operators. The Optima 2 ease of use features for operators:

  • Fast blade exchange. The doctor blade chamber is designed to allow the exchange in the machine by turning the key to the sides of the machine. This makes the blade changing and sealing process simple and fast.
  • Job management software. This is a recommended software for job preparation and recipe storage on external PC.
  • The recipe system. The machine’s recipe system is used for speed, acceleration, tension, impression, wash up cycles, and so much more. These are stored and accessed via a touchscreen operation.
  • SIngle shaftless winders. This is an efficient solution for roll handling when the operator is unwinding or rewinding.
  • Automatic reel handling. This feature is efficient for rewind and unwinds rolls which include hydraulic lifting and motorized platforms on guide rails.
  • Automatic CI drum cleaning. This cleaning unit effectively eliminates ink, dust, and other chemical agents which may have an effect on the printing quality. It operates when the machine is running and does not require for the machine to stop.

What makes the Optima 2 stand out among its competition aside from the benefits listed above is that it is user-friendly. This equipment promises to make a great change to your business profits through easy, faster, and cost-effective flexographic press.


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