Southpole Central Hotel Facts and Testimonials

 With amenities that help guests stay a luxurious stay away from home, the Southpole Central Hotel is one of Cebu City’s top-rated places to stay while you’re taking in the sights of the city. While you’re enjoying your stay at the Southpole Central, you’ll take advantage of free Wi-Fi Internet connection in every room, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, and even a private bathroom complete with a bidet and shower.

This hotel that’s situated at 29 Jinquerra Street, Barangay Kamagayan, Cebu City has a 24-hour front desk so that you won’t feel lost even if you want to request something in the wee hours of the morning. Southpole Central is just over a kilometer away from Fort San Pedro, and it’s just a short ride to the Mactan Cebu International Airport. Read on to know more about Southpole Central Hotel Facts and Testimonials.

Outstanding Amenities

As mentioned in the introduction segment, you’ll enjoy high-speed wireless Internet connection in every room. In fact, guests can enjoy access to high-speed fiber Internet that can go up as much as 100Mbps. The entire place is sparkling clean as you’ll find not a speck of garbage anywhere, and even if there were trash mistakenly littered by some individuals, the hotel’s outstanding housekeeping service will make sure that the problem is taken care of immediately. Furthermore, all guests will enjoy free breakfast with an amazing selection of foods. Enjoy all the amenities in the establishment that’s always fit for any type of individual.

Exquisite and Comfortable Rooms

Guests can choose from a selection of luxurious and comfortable rooms depending on their specific requirements. Choose from the family-sized superior room, the business suite room for the person who wants to indulge in both business and pleasure while in Cebu City, or the deluxe room for friends and family. Each room will have excellent amenities, with more features when you go for high-tiered offerings.

What do Others Say About the Hotel

If you’re not yet convinced that Southpole Central is the hotel you should be staying while in Cebu City, then you’d want to hear what others say about the establishment. For instance, a customer by the name of Daniel wrote a review in as he stated that the staff in the hotel were excellent. He continued by saying that the location is also excellent and very clean.

You’ll definitely find your home away from home when you book a room in the Southpole Central. It may even be your hotel of choice when you enjoy Sinulog that takes places in the city every January.


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