The Colors that CAN Affect your Personal Energy

According to Feng Shui, the colors can create an environment for well-being. Every color affects your Chi energy in a different way. These colors are believed to be correlated with the yin and yang as well as the five elements. The color can be used to maintain the calmness and improve the chi energy.

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            Each color symbolizes different meaning. This is why feng shui used these colors in two different ways. The large background should be pale while the accent colors should be used sparingly on small space like the furniture. So to give you an idea of your color choices, here are the basic colors that can affect your personal energy during your meditation sessions.

The BASIC Colors that Can Affect Your Personal Energy

            Your personal preference is important in feng shui. Never choose a color that you don’t like even if it’s highly favorable. Use something that you would actually enjoy.

“The stronger the color, the lesser is the need for it to be effective” – The Feng Shui Principle

  • Red. This color is linked to fire energy. If you are using red meditation cushions, for example, it can elevate your energy level. This stimulates the senses which are linked with strength, joy, motivation and of course, love.
  • Violet. The color violet restores balance, as well as plum and purple.
  • Yellow. Yellow will lift your mood and help you clear your mind. This is associated with good luck and can also stimulate joy, wisdom, intuitive insight, as well as creativity. This is the color that promotes flexibility and adaptability.
  • Blue. This is a calming color that will help you relax.
  • Black. Black helps you with deep inward focus as well as discipline. However, this is also associated with death and grief. If used properly, it can be powerful. But if used in excess, it can be overwhelming and depressing which can absorb your energy and vitality.
  • Orange. This color promoted both the healing of physical and mental health. This is a happy color. This is linked to the feelings of optimism, confidence, as well as enthusiasm. This color is used by therapists to treat asthma, colds and even thyroid problems.
  • Green. This creates balance and calmness which also encourages slow, deep breathing.

In order for your body to have positive energy, you can follow the color guidelines of feng shui. However, it is still best if you choose the color combinations that you like. There is always a way to block negative vibes.

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