Usage of the concrete formwork

The formworks for in-site concrete work is best defined as the box or mould which is a wet concrete and can be compacted or poured so that it can flow well and set finally to inner profile of box or the same mould. This formwork can also be made by making use of the moulds out of wood, steel, prefabricated forms or aluminum. The formwork is ancillary construction which is used as the mould for structures. In this mould, the fresh concrete can be placed for hardening the same subsequently. Construction of formwork also takes time and includes the expenditure of around 20 or 25 per cent of cost of structure or more.

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Such of them are temporary structures which are required for supporting safely the concrete until they reach the adequate strength. A good shuttering of concrete formwork must have following features as,

  • Economical, cost effective and safe: these high qualities of the finished concrete surface which is of acceptable quality, in correct location and is even able in producing required shape or surface.
  • They are also strong enough in withstanding all living and dead loads.
  • Materials of formwork should also be cheap and easily available
  • They can even be reused.

This formwork gets set accurately to desired levels and line and must have the plane surface. Materials of formwork must not wrap or get even distorted when exposed to elements. They should also rest on firm base. Plan of building must imply the minimum number of variation in size of floors, rooms and more for permitting the reuse of formwork continuously. The designs around should also be perfect enough for use in the slender sections and in economical way. The minimum saving as well as cutting of the wooden pieces should also be made for reusing materials large number of times. The quantity of the surface finish depends only on quality of shuttering.

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